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Is your data center obsolete?  Are you outgrowing the capabilities or service innovation of your current provider?  Choose Appica’s SSAE-16 audited data centers when you want a customizable data center solution that includes access to hybrid cloud platforms and critical security.

Together we can increase security and availability. Appica developed AppRacks which provide scalable power, easier carrier and cloud connectivity and an electronic security system that uses QR Codes and user PINs rather than traditional cabinet keys.  AppRacks  provide instant compliance readiness for HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory controls that demand complete security of your data.


AppRacks provide 5 advantages over average racks

Appica has a long track record of delivering 100% data center uptime for our customers.  AppRacks are engineered for mission critical data and are available as cabinets, cages, or in private data suites up to 5000 square foot.

Each AppRack provides redundant and scalable power circuits, carrier choice, seamless cloud connect, and a QR based security system.


Customer Use Cases

AppRack Colocation enabled Dayton Superior to secure their cage suite and serve as the foundation for their VMware disaster recovery cloud.

According to Ken Miller, Manager IT Infrastructure:

“Appica has delivered 100% power uptime for our mission critical applications.  Using a carrier neutral facility provides us with carrier choice and enables us to cost effectively connect to the data center.”

Other customers like David Ritter from Oncology Hematology Care, Inc. trust Appica to “provide the highest level of quality care to our patients.”


How much space and power do you need?

Smaller workloads or recovery site systems often consume 2 KW to 6 KW of power. As a comparison, a 20 amp 120 volt circuit is approximately 2.4 KW while a 30 amp 208 volt circuit is approximately 6 KW.  Appica deploys the same power circuits to those racks so we can seamlessly scale your power consumption as you add devices.  For cages and suites we will provision the power you need to support your IT infrastructure.

AppRacks are engineered for 100% security.

We provide all new customers with a consultation with our Data center engineering team to review your requirements and provide pricing and details about our service and reference customers. Contact us now at 800.556.1369 to start the conversation.