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Appica – 4 Benefits as a Disaster Recovery Solution

November 27, 2012


Delivering Effective Disaster Recovery

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are costly, complex and frequently do not meet recovery objectives.  Ensuring the fastest and most reliable recovery with traditional solutions requires fully duplicating production infrastructure **AND ITS COST**

Traditional recovery plans also require complex manual processes that are slow and prone to error. As a result, organizations find themselves unable to provide sufficient disaster recovery protection.  Organizations are turning to Appica to address these challenges because it enables effective disaster recovery for both physical and virtualized servers. Physical servers can be recovered to virtual machine recovery targets in a “physical-to-virtual” recovery scenario. Even greater benefits can be realized in a “virtual-to-virtual” recovery scenario, where virtual machines in production are recovered to anAppica built stack of virtual machines.

With Appica, organizations can effectively meet core requirements for disaster recovery:

Rapid recovery:  Appica is built on VMware software, which eliminates many of the slow, manual steps in traditional recovery. Virtualization provides true hardware independence, eliminating the need to reinstall software or go through bare-metal recovery processes. By utilizing VMware vCenter™ Site Recovery Manager, Appica allows organizations to automate execution of the recovery process.

Reliable recovery:  Appica eliminates many of the common causes of failed recovery, including failures due to hardware dependencies. Appica uses vSphere with the management and automation capabilities of Site Recovery Manager ensures that recovery plans are consistently executed as designed. Site Recovery Manager also provides non-disruptive testing automation, simplifying testing of recovery plans.

Four Benefits of using Appica for your Disaster Recovery Plan

Reduced downtime: We help customers prevent common causes of planned and unplanned downtime and minimize downtime when outages do occur.

Lower costs: We make it possible for companies to implement better business continuity at a lower cost by slashing the need for additional hardware and specialized software.

Simplified processes: By using vCenter and SRM, Appica removes the complexity of maintaining duplicate physical systems for disaster recovery.  It also eliminates and streamlines much of the recovery process.

Expanded protection: Because Appica reduces the cost and complexity business continuity solutions, companies can cost-effectively increase availability and ensure more rapid disaster recovery for more of their important applications.

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Nathan Fultz

Appica VMware Hosting


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