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November 2, 2012


Data center lessons from Hurricane Sandy


The loss of life this past week is a true tragedy and our hearts are with those affected by Sandy and its aftermath. As a sense of normalcy resumes for those not directly impacted, there will be many questions posed about business operations and decisions made by many prior to this event.  While Appica was not directly impacted, many of our colleagues in the industry were.


It will be easy for many to point fingers and place blame.  Please don’t.   There will be plenty of time to ask and answer the hard questions.  If your business was impacted by this storm and you are fully recovered, you should continue by reviewing how you could have avoided operational impact and if those options fit into budget realities you set with your IT team and provider.

The Verizon lobby after Hurricane Sandy. Photo credit blog


Hindsight they say is 20/20. At, the team has done a wonderful job of keeping the data center industry in tune with the impact from a data center operators’ perspective. We’ve heard about diesel fuel bucket brigades and massive flooding in several data centers. The efforts by the employees of these service providers post storm have been extraordinary. To be sure, their efforts are likely saving many organizations from ruin or further impact.


These are hard lessons to be learned. As an industry we will all learn from this tragedy. Disaster events often validate years of planning or design decisions that were made to mitigate certain risks. Disasters also expose downtime weaknesses in service provider and customer infrastructure.


Customers will win in the long-term if they engage their partners and better plan to prevent disasters. The industry will win if we can effectively communicate with customers on how to protect their data and operations.


Finally, we all owe a big industry thank you to those people who planned for disaster and were successful at maintaining operations during the disaster and recovery.  So thank you!


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