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Jason Hiner’s Tech Trends for 2011

January 20, 2011

I had the pleasure last night of attending the Louisville Digital Associations event at the recently refurbished Louisville Visual Art Center…in, you guessed it, Louisville, KY.

It was a quaint venue with a nice gathering space to network and enjoy a cocktail before moving into a 100 seat auditorium to hear Jason Hiner give his take on tech trends for 2011.

From the outset Jason didn’t disappoint the audience with his candor, passion and expertise on a wide range of IT topics, covering Enterprise Cloud computing to the HP Tablet announcement coming in February.

Jason eloquently flowed from topics ranging from mobile computing, DdoS Attacks, enterprise security, BYOC and public cloud computing.

The best part of the evening for me was a question Jason answered, “How do you get information?” was asked rather unassumingly from the gentlemen sitting in front of me.  Without hesitation Jason informed the group that he is no longer relying on RSS feeds…it is all about Twitter!

I was shocked.

He went on to clarify that it’s about trust, connecting with people who provide accurate information. Jason emphasized he regularly moves people on and off his twitter feed.  I follow Jason, I recommend for a trusted news source you follow him too.

The Tech Trends Jason outlined I have seen in a variety of flavors on blog post and tech journals.  What you are missing in this blog, is Jason’s ability to relate the business & technology impact on current and future trends that I got from listening to Jason in person. He tied his personal expertise, analysis, and professional connections to draw his conclusions and justification on his Top 5 Tech Trends of 2011.

-The Enterprise Warms Up to Android and Apple
-The Shrinking Private Data Center
-Consumerization Marches On
-Desktop Thinning But Not Thin Client
-Business Units Absorb More IT

On its own the list is may appear unimpressive, my suggestion is to follow and read more of Jason’s work and on twitter search #techtrends2011 for more insite and opinions from last nights gig.

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